Dewi Williams

Dewi Williams (CEng MBCS CITP) is a systems safety risk management consultant currently working primarily in the air traffic management domain. He has previous experience at all stages in the software development lifecycle, and has been both developer and project manager on safety related system development projects. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from Bangor University.


He has been conducting safety risk assessment for air navigation service providers for more than 20 years on a broad range of assignments ranging from the assessment of major strategic modernization programmes to smaller operational and technical changes. He has also participated in safety surveys on ongoing operations.


In addition to the application of safety assessment techniques, Dewi has extensive experience of safety risk management framework development, providing training in its application, and coordinating on behalf of his clients with National Supervisory Authorities.


Earlier in his career, Dewi worked as software engineer and project manager on a wide range of projects in the aerospace, healthcare, financial, IT infrastructure and integrated circuit design industries. The scope of work included high-availability and safety related systems.


He is also an experienced pilot and flight instructor, and holds an EASA Commercial Pilot’s Licence.


Dewi has a proven record of delivering high quality results on time and within the agreed budget.

Curriculum Vitae - SummarY

Experienced risk mgmt. practitioner

Articulate communicator

Coach and teacher

Project manager

Software engineer


36 years total industry experience
22 years safety risk management

14 years software engineering


1800+ total flight hours

approx. 1000 hours flight instructor