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“ Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful"


Albert Schweizer

French philosopher

(1875 - 1965)

Our Office
Our Office
Open Positions
Open Positions

our Value Proposition

"Work for the best, work with the best and learn from the best".

This is the AUTHESIS motto since it was founded in 2003.


AUTHESIS and its clients strongly believe, that consulting business is people business. Building trust, maintaining trust and delivering according to expectation is of upmost importance. Some statements clients made when asking them: "Why did you chose AUTHESIS over others?":


  • "You are not the cheapest, but worth the money we spent."
  • "If we buy you, we know what we can expect".
  • "We know that we can rely on you and your expertise."


These are only three statements out of many that are based on the work we performed for our clients. Here are some work samples.

Our Company Principles

  1. We are a consulting company delivering change and digital business transformation services, committed to quality.
  2. We are a profitable, independent team of internationally experienced managers, project managers and consultants. The market is the driving force behind everything we do.
  3. Our main task is to optimise the success and efficiency of our clients.
  4. We are committed to solving problems holistically, from strategic planning and specific concepts to the development of tailored solution proposals and consistent implementation, right through to appropriate performance reviews in the companies.
  5. We respond pragmatically to the requirements of our clients and want to be real partners for ensuring proven performance principles.
  6. Our thoughts and actions are characterised by a high sense of responsibility towards clients, partners, team members and the environment.
  7. We work as a process-oriented project organisation to ensure the optimal efficiency and profitability of our activities.
  8. We work together with leading specialists for large mandates and for subtasks outside our core competencies.
  9. With goal-oriented teamwork, we strive to ensure far above-average performance in the service we provide to our clients.

Our Company History

As Steven Jobs (Founder of Apple Inc.) once said: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."


With this love in mind AUTHESIS was founded 2003. It started as a project management consultancy company - addressing the needs for external project management skills and capacities of one of the top Swiss banks in Zurich.


Over the years AUTHESIS was referenced to other clients - allowing to also grow into other industries and locations.


After the financial crisis of 2007 / 2008 the banking industry was facing new challenges - leading to new key stakeholders with needs to address in shortening timeframes.


As a consequence, some banking business models had to be re-worked, management of requirements became more important and fastening product development through the application of agile methods gained momentum.


AUTHESIS decided to invest into the areas of Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering and the application of Agile Methods in developing and delivering solutions - extending its service portfolio around project management.


In 2018 Michele Bruno and Dewi Williams joined the company as Principal Consultants. They brought additional program - project- portfolio- and risk-management skills and experience. As both came with a strong Aviation Industry background, a new AUTHESIS industry focus could be added.


In 2018 Michele took over the lead of AUTHESIS and it was decided to add "Risk Management Services" and "Contractor Services" to AUTHESIS offerings.


We will continue to do what we love. This in mind, AUTHESIS journey continues.

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