Strategy Development

With our professional team and and over 20 years of knowledge and experience - also in highly regulated industries - we are able to actively drive the develop of your business in each phase of its lifecycle. We provide professional services setting up new companies, growing organically and through acqusition, merging companies and taking them out of business.

People, Processes and Technology Aligment

We are creating and extending a sustainable value proposition for your organization through a balanced alignment of people with their individual skills and experiences to your objectives, the selectction  and implementation of state of the art technology that supports your business and through optimization of your business processes. Since 20 years we develop and apply best fitting project, program and portfolio management methods for transitions on global scale.

Make, Buy or Join Decisions

For our clients we are analyzing their business, elicite requirements, map capabilities with market needs and evaluate competitive options to find the perfect match between make, buy and join in order to maximize organizational value propositions. Our services are built on methodical competencies provided to many well known companies in over 20 years.

Risk Identification and MAnagement

We exist in an uncertain and constantly changing world, and risk management can never be complete, especially in relation to unpredictable events outside our control. Much can be done to identify and evaluate known risks, to decide which risks to treat and which to accept. We support our clients establishing and executing risk management frameworks tailored to their needs.

Skills Management, CAreer PlANNING and COaching

As experienced leaders and entrepreneurs we know what it needs to grow personaly and professonaly. Since over 20 years we create skills development frameworks. We also lead, train and coach sales, sales managers, chief procurement officers, legal negotiators, project managers, program managers and portfolio managers individually and as teams.