Workforce Solutions

“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”


Nelson Mandela

South African anti-apartheid revolutionary & President South Africa

(1918 - 2013)

Highly skilled and talented people often prefer to maintain a degree of independence and seek employment as temporary personnel. For the employer this leads to having the administrative burden and bearing the associated risks. Outsourcing the management of the temporary workforce allows the employer to access the skills needed without having to worry about any issues related to the employment of temporary personnel.


That is why we are offering you services we call "workforce solutions". Today, these services are an important tool for economic control of personnel costs. The workforce solutions allow you to spend more time on value-added tasks. We take on payroll for you, and you simply concentrate on your core business.


The candidates work for you, but remain on the payroll with us. That means we take over the entire administrative burden, from contract creation to settlement of social security contributions.


We of course have all the necessary approvals and certificates. Our various memberships ensure for you that all contracts are legally compliant and all regulations followed.


Our Services

  • Drafting and administering of employment contracts
  • Taking care of the insurance
  • Calculation of AHV, IV, EO, ALV, child allowances, cantonal source tax
  • Provision of payroll accounting
  • Processing wage payments


Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Freeing up your business
  • Cost efficiency through process optimization
  • Reducing the burden of payroll administration
  • Focusing on your core business

To give you an initial overview of our delivered service, we have outlined some of our mandates for you.

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