Air Traffic Safety Risk Management

"A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for."


William G. T. Shedd

(American theologian)

Our work with air navigation service providers is based on our deep passion and experience in aviation as well as a thorough understanding of the highly regulated field of safety risk management in the air traffic services.


We can support the establishment and evolution of a safety risk assessment framework that pragmatically balances acceptable safety and commercial pressures, while at the same time meeting regulatory requirements. We can also provide the manpower to support its application or the training and coaching needed for your staff to become proficient in this role.


Whether considering the impact of project-specific system changes or the ongoing management of existing operational safety risks, we have experience spanning the spectrum from area control centres, tower and approach units for major airports as well as smaller regional units.

To give you an initial overview of our delivered service, we have outlined some of our mandates for you.

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